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June 6, 2009 Newsletter


At 9:00 people began arriving at the farm and newcomers were first surprised with the fact that they found it and then that this idyllic country place was tucked away right in our own backyards!

The Singleton’s had a large arched tent set up that was perfect for the homemade muffins, cookies & brownies that Pat Urie made as well as coffee, abundance of scones, fruit and a big basket of fresh picked Churn Creek Bottom strawberries all set on red gingham table cloths.

It was a perfect cool overcast morning for MSers who immediately bypassed the food (can you imagine that?) and headed straight to the stalls to see what was stirring. In the stalls were a few mares with foals all eagerly waiting for carrots and a rub on the nose. Then there was Army the very special Camel who knows how to win carrots himself with his friendly disposition & big brown eyes. Holly and her walkers were at the mounting block getting a few riders saddled up and with a lead rope walker & a walker on each side riders began to walk down the lane on mares with foals following close by. They went past the fields of Llamas & Emus and Haflinger horses. Sitting on the lane was a Llama with her tiny baby and they didn’t move because after all, this was their comfortable home and they were as curious about us as we were them.

One could tell from the radiant ear to ear smiles that this animal/human connection had transformed people from a place of disability to one of ability & doing something very special and powerful for the soul.

We took a food break and Holly talked to us about the benefits of Hippotherapy (Horse therapy riding) and explained that the horse is very aware of the rider on it’s back’s imbalance or weaknesses and actually adjusts itself to fit the rider. We had a special guest Terri Shelton who is an O.T. also certified with the National Hippotherapy association. She and Holly will be putting their heads together with the intent of getting a therapist to work out a program that would allow us to bill insurance for this therapy! Until then, Holly only charges a $20 donation for a one hour assisted ride. To book a time with her or with questions e-mail
A fun highlight here was when no one was looking and a foal came in and tried to steal strawberries out of the basket!

Gift certificates for a one hour ride were won by Sally Rossiter and Diane Ahlswede. After the break a few went back for another ride before saying Happy Trails to this wonderful morning. If the Singleton’s agree we may just make this an annual June event. Several booked future rides and currently they can only do three at a time because a couple of weeks ago someone actually stole three of their saddles. If anyone has access to saddles they would like to donate e-mail Holly at the above address.

Until next time, may the wind always be at your back!

Patricia, Beth & Sally

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